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Beautyrest Luxury by Simmons Crystal Mattress

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Height: 30 cm
Comfort: Mid firm
Response: Wrapping
Technologies: FULLSOFT

• Made in France
• No Flip® system eliminates the need to turn it over each season
• Perfect sleeping independence thanks to the Fullsoft suspension
• Biosens ticking: made from wood pulp, this fibre is 100% recyclable and absorbs moisture
• Thermoplus padding allows quick evacuation of moisture and balances temperature variations, a feeling of well-being in all seasons and optimal thermal regulation

Fullsoft Suspension:FULLSOFT suspension Medium-Firm Line 700:The patented Simmons® FULLSOFT® suspension provides the sleeper with exceptional support and perfect anatomical protection
• 17% extra steel wire for extra durability
• 30% extra coils for exceptionally soft response A pocket cut into the middle ensuring the spring a perfect fit in its vertical axis A shape perfectly suited to No Flip® system, which eliminates the need to turn it over each season and gives the same comfort all year round. Each spring is connected by four points of glue for perfect sleeping independence Sleeping face:
• Biosens ticking
• Thermoplus padding 400 gr/m²
• Cashmere and linen 100 gr/m2
• Firm comfort foam 1.8 cm, density 22 kg/m³ Technical face:
• Tript’Air® ticking, internal network of micro-cushions of air

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